Merchandise and special editions - watch video version

Special edition Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch console



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Got Any More Pixels

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Quiz theme tune by The 4 o'Clock Robots

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Destruction AllStars

Jeanette Maus who passed away January 24th

Roger Craig Smith gives up voicing Sonic after 10 years

Guilty Gear vinyls

Yoshitaka Amano art book

Ni No Kuni II vinyl

Ni No Kuni II music box

Sean's homemade 3d printed CyberPunk gun

Chris' special edition Zelda WiiU

Wii Zapper


Resident Evil 6 Special Edition

Saints Row Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition

Gold Nintendo Wii made for the Queen

Toe Jam And Earl vinyls

My custom console collection from Chris

GameBoy Wifi Printer

Skyward Sword Special Orchestra CD

Gal Gun 'screen cleaner'

Gal Gun collectors edition with 'safety goggles'

Gamecube vhs tape

GameBoy FM Transmitter and my awesome Sonic top

MegaDrive hoodie

Dr Eggman Pop Vinyl

Silent Hill Nurse figure

PlayStation TopDrive Space Wheel

Gamester Evolution motion controller glove

Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller for PS2

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