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Miles Prower

I mainly grew up on Megadrive, always being jealous of my cousin who had the Sega CD. My earliest memories are from leaving the Megadrive on all night or whilst my sister and I were at school just so we could complete a game.  I also remember head butting my original GameBoy after Wario Land pushed me too far.  Let's just say that GameBoy didn't live a fulfilling life. From there I moved onto PSX and then N64 becoming obsessed with games like Road Rash 2, Dead Ball Zone, Mario 64, Zelda OOT, Wave Race, Snowboard Kids and Mario Kart.  Nowadays my other half loves finding horror games for the PS4 for me to play whilst she watches so most of my playing consists of old school Silent Hill and modern horror games.

Liam Olley

Hey guys! Video games have been a very big part of my life whilst growing up. I remember getting my first ever console which was an Nintendo 64 with two games; Super Smash Brothers and Goldeneye. I also remember breaking two PlayStation 1 controllers because of crash bandicoot! (I mean who hasn’t right?). But through the years I’ve owned many consoles and a vast collection of games which I’ve put many hours into! My favourite genre of games are horror, action, adventure and virtual reality! It’s a great opportunity to be a big kid again, and Bring Back Retro provides just that.

Chris aka Inflatable Mango

Hey there guys, I'm Chris.  Video games have been a passion for me for as long as I can remember, from back in the day getting my first GameBoy and a copy of Pokemon Blue.  I've owned a mass of consoles over the years and completed hundreds of games.  I've been hooked!  My favourite game has to be Ocarina Of Time which I also speed run since getting into speed running in early 2017.  I tend to go for action/adventure games or survival horrors like Resident Evil, but am just as happy picking up some Call of Duty or old school Goldeneye 64. - console and accessory repair, modification and customisation