Having run retro gaming events for many years now we've picked up some weird and wonderful peripherals. Join us as we discuss what we have and what we were able to find online.

Apologies for the lack of video. We had some troubles but we have now found how to record the video for future episodes, so stay tuned.

Nacon Revolution



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Got Any More Pixels

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Quiz theme tune by The 4 o'Clock Robots

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Rock Band double bass pedal and keytar

Nintendo HFC

Wii bowling ball


Rez Trance Vibrator

Finger dance mats

Guitar Hero ds

Onimusha 3 Katana

Playstation trackball controller

Steel Battalion controller

Gamecube keyboard

Dark Souls with bananas - Video

Resident Evil chainsaw controller

Tony Hawk skateboard controller

Dreamcast fishing rod

Madcats N64 fishing rod

Atari MindLink

Force for NES

Sega Activator

Wii baby

Aura Activator Vest

Top Rider motorcycle

GameBoy Pocket Sonar

Thanko Electric Armpit Clip-on Fan

Famicon Satellaview

Gamecube Bongos

Dreamcast maracas

Dreamcast karaoke

Dreamcast Dream Eye

PS2 EyeToy

Gameboy sewing machine

Over the top GameBoy accessory

Gamester Evolution Motion Controller

Gamester Evolution motion controller

PlayStation mouse

Ascii-Ware Arcade Stick

Mad Catz Blaster

PS1 Wild Things screen

Gamecube 4 Gamers LCD screen

DJ Hero turntable


Rock Band Beetles set

Rock Band Pro guitar

Rock Band Xbox microphone

GameBoy Camera / Super GameBoy

Playstation controller extension

GBA portable charger

GameBoy magnifier light

GameBoy Printer

GameBoy Printer wifi (this is where I got mine from)

N64 Transfer Pak

Sega CD 1 and 2

Dreamcast vmu

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