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Wanting to get the old gang back together for some Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? We can assist.  Our inventory includes over 15 individual consoles (over 35 consoles in total), lots of televisions (both old crt's and flatscreens of all sizes), Guitar Hero instruments, light guns and lots more.




We've found it is becoming more and more popular to have some video games at weddings. From trying to keep the kids entertained to wanting to relive those childhood days; whatever the reason, we can help by keeping those button bashing fingers happy. 


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Charity events

Originally starting off as a charity and fundraising group of friends, we've continued to keep this at our core.  Each year we host a 24 hour gaming marathon for a different charity, where we set up our entire collection (or as much as we can fit into the location) and invite others to participate.  This can either be by calling in on Skype or using the chat to give us challenges.  Viewers are encouraged to give the weirdest and most wonderful challenges for our crazy marathon 'runners'.

We also love helping people raise funds for good causes when the hosts don't necessarily have the ability to raise money by doing a run or a swim ect.


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charity events

Industry events

We specialise in large and small industry events, seminars, conventions and business parties.  Retro gaming is a great way for people to socialise and break through the awkward social barrier.


Through our experience we are always pleasantly surprised at just how consistently busy our area is at shows.  From kids wanting to try something old but new to them, to the parents wanting to show their kids how they used to play or just wanting some good old fashioned retribution from their school days.  It can also be a good ice breaker for groups of people who want to learn more about each other whilst having fun.


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Live streaming

Give us a decent internet connection and the world is your oyster. If you're looking to share your experience with someone across the world or down the road then we can help.  By bringing people into the conversation either via text chat on YouTube or Twitch, or by FaceTime or Skype, you can add an extra level of interaction.


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